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small conveyor systems


The design of the C-Series makes them especially suited for steep excavation work in tight spaces.  This conveyor is one of the most popular material handling conveyors we construct for several reasons:
The C-Series belt has a narrow bed design. Made for a 10 inch belt, this conveyor fits into small, narrow openings. This makes it ideal for basement excavation and clean-out. If small spaces are an issue, this belt is perfect for you.
The belt is durably made and is equipped with two-inch tall rubber bucket type cleats. Frame construction consists of either 7/8 inch or 1-1/4 inch steel tubing. This makes the belt very strong and durable.

  • Basement Excavation, Demolition, Clean-up, Moving pipe, Dirt Excavation, Portability, Lighter Weight,
  • Narrow frame for tight spaces
  • Hand holds for portability
  • Rugged, Strong Truss Frame
  • Electric, Hydraulic, Gas, or pneumatic motor options
  • Tall 2″ cleats for steeper incline conveying

C-Series Specifications

  • Bed– 10″ wide slider bed with 2″ tall side guards
  • Frame: Strong, Rugged Truss style welded frame.
  • Belt: 10″ wide, 2 ply 150 black rough-top x bare.
  • Drive: Electric, gas, or hydraulic motor available (see options).
  • Cleats– 2″ tall rubber bucket cup, bolted on 20″ centers.
  • Bearings– Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning, ball bearings.
  • Drive pulley– 7″ in diameter. Open caged for self cleaning.
  • Tail Pulley– 6″ in diameter. Open caged for self cleaning.

C-3-16 16 feet 14′-8″ 275
C-3-21 21 feet 19′-8″ 330
C-3-26 26 feet 24′-8″ 375
C-2-31 31 feet 29′-8″ 515
C-2-42 42 feet 39′-8″ 575

Custom sizes available |Request a quote | Weights do not include motor or optional equipment.

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