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electric motor conveyor


The D-Series line of material handing conveyors are second cousins to the SD-Series. The D-Series is used when you need to move your material along a horizontal plane. If you need to get stuff from point A to point B, the D-Series may be just the ticket.

The bed of this conveyor belt is constructed with a 15 degree trough configuration. This is designed to prevent material from rolling off the belt during transit. The belt is supported by a center roller for additional strength. Bed widths are built in 16, 10, and 24 inch dimensions so that you can match the conveyor to your material throughput requirements. The bearings on the belt pulleys are sealed and pr-lubricated.

  • Basement Excavation, Demolition, Clean-up, Moving pipe, Dirt Excavation, Portability, De-Sludging, General Purpose
  • Available in 16, 20, and 20″ wide belt 
  • Hand holds for portability
  • Rugged, Strong Truss Frame
  • Electric, Hydraulic, Gas, or pneumatic motor options
  • Smooth-top rubber belt

D-Series Specifications

  • Bed– 16″ 20″, or 24″ wide troughed bed.
  • Frame: Strong, Rugged Truss style welded frame.
  • Belt:  2 ply 150 black Rubber.
  • Drive: Electric, gas, or hydraulic motor available.
  • Bearings– Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning, ball bearings.
  • Drive pulley– 7″ in diameter. Open caged for self cleaning.
  • Tail Pulley– 6″ in diameter. Open caged for self cleaning.

D-3-16 16 feet 14′-8″ 375
D-3-21 21 feet 19′-8″ 430
D-2-26 26 feet 24′-8″ 475
D-2-31 31 feet 29′-8″ 715
D-2-42 42 feet 39′-8″ 875

Custom sizes available |Request a quote | Weights do not include motor or optional equipment.

  • (D96 Hopper)  3.5 cubic foot capacity loading hopper
  • (N97 Hopper)  1.5 cubic yard capacity hopper – with adjustable gate, gravity feed.
  • Belt Covers
  • Side railing / skirting
  • Support Legs
  • Portable undercarriage with lifting arms
  • Dolly and Hitch
  • Controls
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